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A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog!
Professional dog grooming does much more than keeping your canine companion looking and smelling clean. Regular grooming helps your pet feel its best and can compliment your dog’s veterinary care. It can also lead to early detection of some health concerns.
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Pup's First Groom?
It is important that you acclimate your new addition to the grooming environment. A puppy’s first experience at the groomers should be as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. With most dogs needing to be groomed every 4 to 8 weeks and the dogs average life span 12-14 years, grooming is something that should be started as soon as possible. Your puppy will become accustomed to the sights, smells, and sounds of a grooming shop. Whether it be just a bath and a trim, so Mommy and Daddy can see those beautiful baby eyes, or their first “big kid haircut” our knowledgeable groomers will work with both you and your baby to make the grooming experience one you will both enjoy.
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Helpful hints to try at home before your dog’s first visit:
Brushing & Combing: while brushing and combing is important for a dog of any age, it is especially important for a puppy. You should NOT brush and comb your puppy on the floor, your puppy will think of it as play time. If there are two of you, you can try placing your puppy on a table, counter, or washer/dryer (place puppy on a towel or mat to avoid slipping), have your helper hold your puppy in place. Brush lightly over the body telling them what a good dog they are. When your “work” time is over (brushing and combing)…Give your puppy a special treat, one they only get for grooming. This will make it a pleasant experience for your puppy to look forward to everyday.
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Play with their feet: A puppies feet can be the most ticklish part of their body, so while you are enjoying snuggle time, rub their feet. Discourage “mouthing” (play biting) and reward them lavishly when they allow you to rub their feet without a fuss.

Face & Eyes: Sometimes a pair of clippers or scissors between a puppies eyes and around the face can frighten them, but by taking a silver spoon and gently rubbing it on the bridge of their nose (the area between their eyes and down to their nose), you can help to familiarize them with the feeling of something being there.
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Boarding with Us?
For those individuals using our day care or boarding services, we’d be happy to set up a grooming appointment on the day of pick-up so you can take your dog home looking great and smelling clean.
  • Bath (hydro surge bathing**)
  • Shampoo/Condition (medicated shampoos available for different skin types)
  • Blow & Fluff Drying
  • Brush out
  • Haircut (clip, trim & style)
  • Scissor Finishing
  • Clean Ears & Eyes
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Nail Trim
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Coat De-matting
  • Cologne
  • Bandanas & Bows
**The hydro surge bathing system is a therapeutic bath with Jacuzzi-like jet action. This type of bathing can remove loose hair and dead skin which leaves the coat healthier and shinier.