A Vacation for them, Peace of Mind for you!
We understand your dogs need for a safe place where they are loved and cared for by people they can trust. Our professional staff has the experience and knowledge to provide your pet with exceptional care during their stay.

Our luxurious cottages are airy and spacious rooms that provide the comfort of home. From beds with plush mattresses and bedding to tons of indoor and outdoor play, your pet may enjoy his time away more than you do!

Although our facility runs like a well-oiled machine, our service truly personalizes each dog’s care.  We consider each dog’s social and physical needs. If your dog wants to be cuddled, that’s what he’ll get, but if he enjoys more high-energy action, we will provide that too! We really get to know our guests and work to build long lasting trusting relationships with them.

Take a quick look at the activities page to learn more about the fun your dog can enjoy during their stay, including play times with another dog and hanging out with us greeting customers at our front desk.

Whether you’re away for a few days on business or off on vacation for weeks, we’re the safe and stress-free choice for Nampa Dog Boarding.

Check out our accommodations!
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MPPC Certified Facility

Our staff are highly trained professionals who've passed certifications & achieved the highest standards for best practices for Animal Care, Customer Service, and Facility Management.

We spend quality time with your dog while providing unlimited cuddles and belly rubs!

To Make it Even Easier – Take the First Step Now!

Go ahead and schedule your meet and greet. There is no charge and this time is set aside for us to meet you and your dog and for you to meet us. We’ll answer any questions you have and make it a snap to book your pet’s first stay with us. You can see first hand how our professional staff takes extra care to make your dog feel at home!