Tips & Tricks Tuesday: The Sit Command

For all training remember to take it slow.  You want to have your dog’s full focus during training.  The sit is one of the easiest skills you will teach your dog.

  1. Standing near your dog, hold a treat near his nose, slowly move the treat from his nose towards the back of his head, as you do this he will lower to a sit.
  2. When he sits, release the treat and offer praise.
  3. After your dog has mastered sit with this motion, add in the use of the word “sit” in a firm tone.
  4. Repetition is key. Work with your dog a few times a day for brief periods until he is sitting with only one firm use of the word “sit.”

Other things to try… Have your dog sit when you open the door to prevent him from bolting.  Or teach your dog to sit when he hears the doorbell.  Just make the sit command coincide with these other actions.

Good Luck Training!