Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Pet First Aid Kit


Doodle Dog Staff and Friends at Pet First Aid and CPR Course, March 12, 2016.

With these items below, you’ll be prepared to help your dog through most dangerous situations that they’re likely to come across, but remember, it’s always best to seek veterinary care. A first aid kit should just be used in an emergency until you can get to the vet or to address minor injuries like a superficial wound.

Wound spray

There are all kinds of ways your dog can get cut, scratched, or otherwise suffer injury to their skin, both around the house and outdoors. There are many different kinds of sprays you can find at your local pet store, Amazon, etc.

Self-cling bandage
If your dog suffers a serious laceration or other injury, you’re going to want to cover it with a bandage after using the wound spray. Look for self-cling bandages that won’t stick to your dog’s fur to avoid painful removal later.

Eye wash and ear wash
If your dog gets some kind of pollutant or other contaminant in her eyes or ears, it can cause itching, stinging, burning, or worse. Dog-safe eye wash and ear wash can help you flush out the problem materials with a dropper nozzle and can even be used on any dressing needed.

Dog cone
The problem with eye and other head-related issues is that your pup is going to do whatever he can to scratch and rub at the area with his paw. Prevent this from happening by using a dog cone, which will also prevent your dog from being able to chew at stitches from surgery or lick at a hot spot during treatment.

Hydrogen peroxide
If your dog consumes poison, you might not have time to get them to the vet. Depending on the poison, making your dog vomit can be an important tactic until you can get them to treatment. One safe and effective way to induce vomiting and get the poison out of their system is to force them to drink hydrogen peroxide. Always keep a fresh bottle on hand.  But don’t assume that hydrogen peroxide is the answer in every situation. Call your vet to get their recommendation on how to handle the situation right.

Other Items to Consider
Antibiotic ointment, gloves, cotton balls, q-tips, pet wipes, and any other items you think may assist you in helping your dog.